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Title: Deception.
Fandom: Heroes.
Characters: Sylar & Molly Walker (18 years old).
Prompt: 18YO-Molly/Sylar.
Word Count: 1,201 words.
Rating: M; sexual situations.
Summary: Sylar is caught and Molly finally has a chance for revenge.
Author's Notes: This was written for the Yet Another Heroes Anonymous Kink Meme.

"Do you know how long I've waited for this?" The furious yet cold female voice came from the behind Sylar, and he couldn't lift his head. They had caught him after how many years on the run? One foolish mistake and the next thing he knew he was taken in.

Caged like an animal.

Drugged like a lunatic.

He rolled his eyes open slowly, but it did little good. The world was blurred around the edges, and while her presence in the room was lingering at the edge of his conciseness, he could do nothing to her. "Who -- Who are you? What are... Are you doing here?" His voice didn't sound like his own; his dark tones had withered and the words were drawn out.

"I was just a little girl," Molly tried to keep her voice even, but it was an obvious struggle that she was losing. "I was just a little girl when you killed my parents." Pushing away from the door, her boots clicked slowly -- almost too casually for someone so angry. "I used to call you the boogey man." She let out a nearly pathetic laugh at that and placed her hands on the end of the table that Sylar was strapped to.

There was fairly little recognition that came from Sylar; the drugs were too strong, and this woman and whatever pain he may have caused her in the past meant nothing to him. A man without freedom had very little cares in the world. "What ... Do ... You ... Want?"

Deceptively delicate fingers curled against the side of his head as Molly gently petted him. How long had she waited for this exact moment? And now that it was here, it was nearly anti-clamatic. Leaning down, Molly's long chestnut waves fanned out over Sylar's face. "My name," she paused briefly, "is Molly Walker. You killed my mother. You killed my father. You ruined my childhood." Her fingers clutched in his hair, twisting his head painfully to the side.

The pain certainly registered, even though the drugs, and Sylar marveled at the white-hot rush that shot through his skull. It was the first real thing he had felt since being captured.

He would have thanked Molly Walker, had he been able to.

"I want you to die," she finally answered his question quite simply. Letting go of his hair, she pulled back and slowly made her way down the table. "At first, I planned it out. I would wait until the most opportune moment, and I would simply shoot you. You are, after all, a waste of space on our planet. After contemplating it for a few years, I decided I would much rather torture you slowly. I'll going to hurt you, and even then I know that you won't feel anywhere near the depth of despair, of utter loneliness that I've felt my entire life."

Sylar's hand suddenly moved, grabbing Molly's wrist and she paused. "Th -- Thank...Thank you..." He breathed the words out slowly, and did his best to tilt his eyes to look at her.

"Why would you thank me for killing you?"

Sylar let out a soft laugh, or at least the closest thing to laugh as he could manage. "Sil ... Silly girl ... You can't kill me." The right corner of his mouth curled as he closed his eyes, letting the feeling that he was floating wash over him.

"Oh, I can't? I'm pretty sure that I could... No body here would blame me." Her voice is cold and distant, and she doesn't bother to look back at him. Then again, she also doesn't bother trying to pull away from him. His hand is still wrapped around her wrist.

She couldn't take it any more. Jumping up onto the table, her hips rubbed slowly against his as she let out a low purr of pleasure. "Could you imagine if I was really like that?" Tilting her head, her fingertips delicately danced across Sylar's chest as it had done so many times before now.

"Mol -- Molly... Damn it," Sylar's eyes rolled open as he gathered as much strength as he could muster to grab ahold of her wrist a bit tighter than before. For a long moment their gazes connected, and finally Molly reached up to yank the tube from his nose.

It took only a couple of seconds before Sylar sat up abruptly, his large hands engulfing her upper arms and yanking her body to his. His mouth was shaky and uncertain, but the kiss grew in fierceness as he slowly started working the drugs through his system.

Rough, angry hands shoved at Molly's skirt, knowing from experience that she would be wearing something silky underneath it. As his fingers shoved at her thong, he wasn't disappointed.

"Fuck I've missed this," Molly moaned the words against Sylar's hungry mouth, her hips shoving roughly against his fingers. She would never say she missed him -- just the sex.

Before she knew it, Sylar had her pinned down to the table with her ankles thrown over his shoulders. "I've been dreaming about this," he told her in that soft, nearly dangerous tone that always sent a shiver shooting through her body. Her panties were gone, as was Sylar's prison uniform.

Her sharp moan echoed off of the walls as he slammed into her forcefully, and they both knew that nobody filled her like he did. Her hands slapped against his thighs, holding on for dear life, as his hands gripped the table above her head for leverage. He yanked himself into each thrust, easily rocking her hips completely off of the table with each thrust.

"Don -- Don't... Come," Molly cried the words out, her muscles rippling around him. "Don't come inside me!" She threw her head back against the table, her moans nearly turning into a scream as Sylar bit down on her throat.

He always did enjoy marking her up; letting the world know that she was taken.

Yanking his mouth back from her throat, he pressed his lips against her ear. His days-old scruff scratched at her smooth skin as she panted for air beneath him. "I'll come wherever I want to come, you little bitch." The words were growled out and his thrusts became angry as he reached down to grab her hips. Tilting her hips up, he began fucking her harder, roughly pounding her into the table.

He was relentless, his thrusts only pounding away part of his anger from having been caged, and for Molly taking so long to find him this time. His fingers tightened enough to bruise her skin and he came with short, erratic thrusts and a loud moan. His entire body shook, and he could feel Molly coming around his cock, but he barely registered her cries through his own.

"Da-damn it, Sylar..." Molly gasped the words out and dropped her feet from his shoulders. "I didn't want you coming inside me." Shoving him back as they both panted for air, Molly sat up slowly and winced at how sore she was between her legs.

"I haven't has a birth control pill the entire time you were gone."

Date: 2009-03-22 12:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mydnight-dreams.livejournal.com

Thank you so much for writing this. I loved every word! ♥

Date: 2009-03-22 01:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ofthesounds.livejournal.com
You're very, very welcome. I'm really glad you enjoyed it.


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