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Title: Showing Him the Ropes.
Fandom: Heroes.
Characters: Nathan & Peter Petrelli (prior to the show's beginning).
Prompt: Virginal or almost virginal Peter. Maybe he flirts a lot, maybe he dates a lot without ever giving up the goods, doesn't matter, he just doesn't have a lot (or any) experience. Eventually Nathan gets his hands on his little brother and shows him all that he's been missing.
Word Count: 2,878
Rating: M; gay relationship, incest
Summary: Nathan watches Peter at the club and decides to take him back to the hotel to show him what being a Petrelli is really about.
Author's Notes: This prompt was one given to me at the Anonymous Heroes Kink Meme. Enjoy.

Nathan had been watching Peter all night. How his little brother got into the club was beyond him; Peter was barely seventeen which meant that he still had a few years to go before he was even legally allowed to be in night clubs. Not that legality of their patron's ages ever stopped the clubs in New York.

The entire night Peter danced with anyone who would have him. Men, women, couples. There were hands groping and hips sliding, pushing, practically thrusting to the heavy bass beats that thrummed through the club. Nathan had a girl at his side, an excitable red head who was thrilled to be with a military man. It didn’t matter; Nathan couldn’t be bothered to even remember her name.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of Peter.

There was something in the way that Peter moved and touched the other people on the dance floor. It wasn’t that it was unnatural, but Nathan knew his little brother. The movements were uncertain, nearly experimental. Watching the girl press her mouth to Peter’s almost too roughly -- and seeing his little brother flinching like a startled cat -- was what had him moving forward through the crowd. Nudging people aside, Nathan didn’t bother with pleasantries as he gripped his brother’s upper arm and started tugging him away.

“Nathan!” Peter practically squeaked over the music, his features a mix of confusion and utter horror that his older brother had caught him in a lips-lock. “What -- What’re you doing here?!” He looked over Nathan’s outfit, surprised to find him in a pair of blue jeans and a black button-down shirt that formed perfectly to his wide shoulders. Peter’s eyes drifted down, unable to tear his eyes away from the slight tuff of hair peeking out from behind Nathan’s partially open shirt.

He didn’t say a word as he walked Peter through the crowd. People seemed to shuffle out of the way for them without Nathan having to say anything. Peter was no longer struggling to control what emotions shined on his features; he was utterly confused. “Nate -- Nathan -- please, don’t tell Dad...”

“I’m not going to tell Dad. And neither are you,” he spoke the last sentence with a pointed look shot down to his little brother. Finally they slipped through the back room of the club and were out on the street, a rush of cool summer air washing over their sweaty bodies. “What did you tell them?”

Peter snorted and seemed to relax once he realized he wasn’t going to get in trouble. “LIke they care what I do.” His voice was bordering on bitter. “You’re the good son, the one they --”

“Pete, stop it,” Nathan warned, again with that pointed look that always shut his brother up. “That’s not true, and we both know it.” Stepping to the curb, Nathan hailed for a taxi before he looked down at his brother again.

Again, there was confusion on Peter’s features; Nathan always had his car.


“Seriously, Nathan, what are we doing here?” Peter almost looked nervous as they rode the elevator up towards the top of the building. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, but kept his eyes on Nathan the entire way up.

Nathan had plans, but he wasn’t about to tell Peter that. “This is where I’m staying. What’d you think? That I was going to send you home stinking and half-drunk? Not on your life.” Shaking his head lightly, Nathan’s eyes focused on the numbers as they blinked; he couldn’t look at Peter, or he’d loose his nerve. “You’re staying with me tonight. I’ll drop you off at home tomorrow morning.” There was a slight tightening in Nathan’s stomach from just saying those words, and he had to bite back the smile that wanted so badly to come to his features.

His words also sent a soft shiver down Peter’s spine that he completely missed.

The remainder of the ride up was done so in silence as both brothers pushed their hands into their jeans pockets. Even without telling Peter what was going on there was an air of anticipation pooling around them, and Peter nervously shifted closer to Nathan’s side. Without thinking about it, Nathan swung his arm around Peter’s shoulders before they stepped off of the elevator.

Dropping his key card down on the table by the front door, Nathan moved over to the bar to pour himself a scotch. “Do you want something to drink?” His eyes flicked up, watching Peter nervously sit on the edge of the sofa.

“Y-yeah, sure...Whatever you’re having is fine,” Peter replied before pushing his hand through his long bangs.

Nathan nearly shook his head at that. It was a bad choice, he knew, but if it would help Peter to loosen up, he wouldn’t argue. After pouring two doubles, the night seemed to buzz by. Before he knew it, he and Peter were laughing about the stupid things they had done when they were younger.

“...But that’s different, Nate. You always get what you want,” Peter told him with a laugh as his head lulled lazily against the back of his cushion. “You’re their golden child, the favorite son. I think... I think for me, they’re just glad I’m not mmprh...” He was drunkenly rambling before he gulped down some more scotch. It wasn’t really his favorite drink, but he wasn’t going to fight Nathan on it. In a way, it made him feel closer to his brother.

Nathan let out a soft sigh at that, shaking his head a bit. Of course, he didn’t see things quite in the same light as Peter did. “You ... Are drunk, Pete.” He eyed his little brother a bit, watching as Peter’s impossibly thick lashes pulled back to peek at him from over the rim of his glass. “Glad that you’re not what?”

“Gay,” Peter finished his thought, but he couldn’t force himself to look at Nathan. Before he knew it, Nathan had pulled him over to his side and wrapped his strong arm around his little brother.

“Are you sure?” Nathan finally asked.


“Wha -- What are you talking about?” Peter’s voice was so soft that he wasn’t sure if he actually said the words out loud or not.

Setting his glass down, Nathan tilted Peter’s chin up slightly and took a long look over his brother’s young features. There was such an innocence about Peter, something pure and gentle in nature that drew Nathan in. His mouth drew over Peter’s slowly and he would have to admit that he was slightly surprised that Peter wasn’t pulling away from him.

Instead, Peter pressed closer and let out a soft moan. He pulled away only enough to set his glass down before shifting closer to Nathan and going straight for his mouth again. The kiss was sloppy and entirely clumsy, to the point where Nathan had to pull his head back from his little brother’s face. “Nate, please, I --”

Nathan’s finger pressed to his brother’s mouth, making him pause in his thought. “I know that you date a lot, Pete,” he began, and slowly moved to his feet. Reaching down, he gripped Peter’s upper arm again but his touch was much more gentle than it had been in the club. Pulling Peter to his feet, Nathan started guiding him back towards the bedroom. “But I also know that you’re still a virgin.”

“I’m not a virgin!” Peter quickly protested, but his cheeks skipped turning pink and went straight for red.

“You’re still a virgin.” Nathan affirmed without needing to give any proof as to why or how he might have known that fact about his brother. “But it’s okay,” he said with a charming smile -- the same kind of smile that always guaranteed that he was going to get laid. He could see the look shift in his brother’s eyes; he was still drunk, but he suddenly realized what Nathan was going to do.

Leaning down again, Nathan’s mouth once more covered Peter’s lips in a slow but deep kiss. It was tender yet possessive; he wanted Peter’s first experience to be a memorable one, but he couldn’t help being possessive. He wanted to set the bar so high that no other lover would ever be able to compare to him. It didn’t matter if it made him a bastard; he had wanted Peter for so long, he wanted to make sure that neither of them forgot it.

His fingers slowly started tugging Peter’s shirt from his pants, and Peter’s slowly reached forward and timidly unbuttoned more of Nathan’s buttons. For his courage Nathan pressed his mouth to Peter’s a bit more, licking slowly along the seam of Peter’s mouth as if asking permission to enter. He was granted permission immediately and Peter slid his tongue out to greet Nathan’s.

Shrugging his shoulders, he let Peter push his shirt off and drop it to the floor. Peter’s shirt followed quickly and Nathan reached for him again, pulling him close. “Nate,” Peter whispered and tilted his eyes up to look at his brother. “I want to know ... Everything. Show me what you want,” he nearly begged and leaned up, pressing kisses to Nathan’s strong jaw. “Teach me, please...”

Who was Nathan to deny his little brother anything?


Nathan slowly stripped Peter down before he told his brother to do the same with the remainder of the clothes he was wearing. When they were both naked Nathan sat at the end of the bed with Peter standing between his legs. His hands freely roamed Peter’s body slowly. He wasn’t nearly as drunk as Peter was, but he knew that it wouldn’t be long before the alcoholic buzz would start fading. “Tell me what all you’ve done,” Nathan rumbled the words from the back of his throat as his hands slid out slowly across Peter’s chest.

“Wh -- What?” Peter was dumbfounded. It was impossible for him to remember what he had done before. Hell, it was impossible for him to think with Nathan’s naked body sitting in front of him and his brother’s hands on his body. “I have...I haven’t done anything, really,” he admitted quietly.

Nathan guided Peter down to his knees, but this was something Peter had at least seen before. He moved forward quickly and wrapped his mouth around his brother’s hardening cock. The sudden movement had Nathan nearly jumping -- nearly. He gripped the edge of the bed with one hand while the other curled in the back of Peter’s hair.

“Slow down,” Nathan told him. “It should be slow first, then build up faster.” His hand guided his little brother’s head gently, and soon enough Peter had found the perfect rhythm. Practically shuddering, Nathan’s hips pushed ever-so-slightly up into his brother’s mouth, and he watched as his cock disappeared into Peter’s mouth. “Fucking beautiful,” he growled the words out, and this time he didn’t miss the shiver that went down his brother’s spine.

Reaching down, Nathan’s large hand slid down that spine slowly before dragging it back up, marveling at how soft Peter’s skin felt beneath his needy palm. Just that slight touch made Peter moan at the perfect moment -- when Nathan was buried deep inside his mouth. Nathan’s cock twitched in the heated caverns of Peter’s mouth and he let out a slightly gasped-moan. “F--fuck Pete...”

Encouraged by his brother’s words and body, Peter started moving just a little bit faster. He was fervent to please Nathan; he only ever wanted to please his older brother. He never thought he would get to do this, to have him in the same way that usually got him off when he was wanking. The real deal was much better than anything Peter had imagined.

“St -- Stop, Pete,” Nathan finally choked the words out. He could feel his groin tightening, and as much as he’d love to come inside his brother’s mouth, he wanted to get a bit further before releasing.

Peter let out a near keening whine before he reluctantly pulled his mouth back from Nathan’s cock. Looking up at him with slightly swollen red lips, he whispered a single word that shot straight through Nathan’s being. “Please...”

For a long moment Nathan just sat there, his hand cupping the back of Peter’s head and his eyes trained on his lips. He didn’t need to ask, but as he pulled Peter to his feet and stood as well, his hand curled against his brother’s neck. “Please, what, Pete?” He muttered and licked over his lips. “Tell me what you want...”

“You,” Peter admitted quietly as he inched closer. “I just want you.”


Watching Peter sprawl out on the bed in front of him made Nathan’s cock twitch yet again. His cock was already slicked, and he damn near stopped breathing as he watched Peter’s hips arch into the air as his lube-covered fingers started slowly rubbing over that sensitive pucker of flesh.

Peter’s face was buried in the pillows, and it was all he could do to keep from moaning out. He could feel Nathan’s finger teasing his opening, barely nudging inside before retreating. “Nate -- Nathan...Please, please, please...” He whimpered and knew he sounded pathetic.

He didn’t care. He knew what he wanted; what they wanted.

Without any more warning, Nathan’s finger shoved into Peter to the second knuckle before pulling all the way out. His brother’s body quivered and shuddered beneath him, the moan catching in his throat at first, only to erupt loudly when Nathan added a second finger.

He scissored his fingers about, mouth agape as he watched Peter’s body moving, arching and thrusting back into each stroke of his fingers. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Nathan could feel Peter’s muscles finally relaxing around his fingers. “Yes...” He murmured, more to himself than to Peter.

Moving behind him, Nathan quickly replaced his fingers with the tip of his cock. His hands kept Peter’s gaping hole open and he paused for a moment. He couldn’t take this back; this would change them forever. With the whores he slept with it didn’t really matter how they felt afterward, but with Peter...Everything was different.

“N-Nathan?” Peter tilted his head, trying to look back at his brother.

“I want you on your back,” Nathan replied finally. “I want to watch your face while I take you.”

Peter didn’t question his brother further, he simply moved. Nathan spread his little brother’s legs before reaching to guide himself between Peter’s ass cheeks. “Last chance, Pete, if you --”

Please just fuck me, Nathan...” Peter whined as he gripped Nathan’s shoulders.

There was a brief pause in Nathan’s movements, but he finally nudged forward, feeling Peter’s body resisting him at first. “Just...Relax, Pete,” he spoke softly, his eyes taking in Peter’s features slowly, watching for any sign of pain. Once the tip popped inside him, both bodies arched slightly; Nathan’s hands gripped the bed sheets roughly while Peter’s fingers tightened on Nathan’s broad shoulders.

Inch by slow inch Nathan pushed inside him, trying to remind himself to just breathe. His skin was already pulled tight across his muscles, a soft sheen of sweat forming as he forced himself to take his brother slowly.

Peter writhed and gasped beneath him, his eyes barely open enough to watch Nathan’s features twisting with concentration above him. As he felt Nathan finally sinking completely inside him, his body froze with the exception of his muscles tightening and twitching around his brother’s cock.


At first Nathan started off slow, his hips nearly dragging out of his brother as if he simply didn’t want to be out of him. It was the truth; no one felt like Peter did. No woman or the handful of men that he’d been with could compare to being buried inside his brother’s body.

He couldn’t control himself, though. Watching Peter’s body moving beneath his, feeling his hips arch to pull him deeper, Nathan knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold back. His hand wrapped around Peter’s cock, stroking him in time with each of the thrusts that he gave his little brother.

The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed through the room, mixed with the moans from both of the men was driving Nathan mad. His hips started bucking sharper, hand stroking faster, demanding more from them both.

“Nate -- Nathan!” Peter cried out sharply as he came, and Nathan wasn’t far behind him. Both men started panting, gasping for air as Nathan fell over Peter’s body, his face pressed against the pillows beneath his brother’s head.

“That... That was just the beginning, Pete,” Nathan promised with a low growl against his brother’s ear.

“I want to show you everything.”
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