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Title: Bread.
Fandom: Heroes.
Characters: Nathan & Peter Petrelli.
Prompt: Nathan/Peter: Obviously a deviation from our canon but... the conversation in the car, when Nathan got him out of jail for fucking the loaf of bread..
Word Count: 2,062
Rating: M; bro!slash, masturbation, hand job and talks of blow jobs.
Summary: Nathan retrieves Peter from the police station, where he’s been arrested for public indecency.
Author's Notes: This is obviously AU. And yes, the idea of the bread deal did come from Dirty Deeds.
Aftermath is the follow-up to this story.

“Thanks, again, Mack. I really appreciate the head’s up.” Nathan threw out his best ‘charming politician’ smile and nodded his head to a few of the other police officers that were standing around. “Boys will be boys, huh?” His hand moved on to Peter’s shoulder once his gloves were on, and he gripped the muscle a bit too tightly before he turned and started marching his little brother out of the police station.

As soon as they were out of earshot of his military friend, Nathan started ripping into Peter. “What the hell is wrong with you, Pete?” He hissed the words out as his jaw set tightly and his voice dropped again. “I mean, a fucking loaf of bread?” He quickly forced his smile to come back, entirely plastic but needed as they walked past a few more cops.

“It was just a stupid dare so I could get into a fraternity...” Peter mumbled, more under his breath than actually giving the answer outright. He marveled at the way his older brother could go from downright pissed to that fake smile of his without batting his gorgeous eyes.

Nathan wanted to punch something; this was the last thing he needed, even though Mack had told him that no one else knew what Peter had done. Mack knew, and that was one person -- not counting the security guard who found Peter in the first place -- too many who knew. “Damn it, Peter. You’re smarter than this sort of shit.” Straightening his coat out, he paused at the door of the building and started buttoning it up. “Did you at least get into the frat?”

“I have to bring the loaf back... I was going to pay for it Nathan, I swear.”

“You were whacking off in a fucking loaf of bread, Peter.”

I know, okay!?” Peter practically whined, and completely avoided looking at his brother now.

“Was it fucking worth it?” Nathan growled the words out and wanted to reach over and grab his brother by the side of his neck.

“... It could have been better if it was a fresh hot loaf.”

Nathan couldn’t hold back then, his hand was lightening fast and there was a solid smacking sound heard as Nathan gripped the side of his neck. “This isn't a fucking joke. I should turn around and go right back to the police station right now and just let you sit here so that you'll learn your lesson.” He wouldn’t do that, though. He couldn’t. “I don’t know what to do with you.”

Peter looked away, unable to look his brother in the eye now. “I get it, you’re disappointed in me. I’m sorry.” His words came out softly, the regret obvious in his tone. He hated disappointing Nathan more than anything; he only ever wanted his brother’s approval and acceptance.

“You should be sorry, Peter. You need to stop trying to please everybody.” Peter started to give his thanks again, saying something about how Nathan had saved him from having to call their parents. Nathan yanked Peter closer, his mouth growling out against his ear. “I saved you this time, but I can’t always drop everything to come rescue you, Peter. Promise me that you won’t do this stupid shit ever again.”

There was a soft gasp when Nathan pulled him closer and another at the tight grip Nathan’s hand took on his neck. “N--never again, Nathan. I promise.” The words came out softly as the limo rolled to a stop.

Nathan’s grip eased then, and he smiled softly as he rubbed Peter’s neck for him. “Good boy. C’mon. I’ll take you to lunch.”

“No sandwiches, okay?” Peter teased, although he was a bit disgruntled that Nathan’s grip eased up on his skin.

Nathan laughed as they got out of the limo and headed for the restaurant. “No sandwiches. A real lunch. Sit down and everything.” He glanced teasingly at his little brother. “No bread for you, though.”

Peter turned slightly red as his brother teased him, but he should have seen it coming. They had passed through Nathan’s anger and were now joking about it. “But I like bread sticks...”

“I’m not bailing you out again,” Nathan answered as he shook his head.

Peter nearly groaned as they sat at their table. “Not. Like. That.

For a long moment Nathan sat quietly, watching his brother. “I’m going to make an announcement at the benefit dinner this weekend. I’m going to run for senate.” It was a decision that nearly everyone saw coming, but Nathan kept skirting the issue when asked directly.

Peter looked nearly ashamed again. “Shit... I’m ... I’m really sorry...” He glanced up at Nathan, who was hard to read at this point. “I’m sorry that it happened today.”

Nathan shook his head and waved a hand in dismissal. “Don’t worry about it. I have a really good lawyer. It’ll get cleaned up.”

“You mean buried,” Peter corrected.

“I mean cleaned up,” Nathan replied in a sharp but quiet tone. “He’ll get it to disappear.”

Peter almost laughed. “What can’t you get cleared up?” Nathan’s power seemed nearly endless.

“Hrm,” Nathan sat back and rubbed the scars on his chin thoughtfully. “Probably murder. That’d be a bit tough.” Tough, but he imagined that his lawyer could make it disappear. It’d just take a bit more work, that was all.

Peter leaned forward, his voice dropping down so that only Nathan could hear him. Their table was fairly private, but still, he knew his brother had a reputation to uphold. “What if I get caught getting a blow job behind some club?”

Moving forward with his brother, he couldn’t help but picture it; Peter on his knees, sucking off some man behind a dirty club. “Damn it, Peter, you’re not gay.” The words came out before he really had a chance to think of what Peter had asked him.

There was a slight up-turning of the right side of Peter’s mouth. “I said getting, not giving but since you brought it up, is it worse to get caught getting or giving?” He arched his eyebrows slightly, and he could tell that he was pressing his brother’s buttons.

As his little brother went on and on, Nathan’s jaws tightened to the point where he damn near thought that he was going to crack a tooth or something. “I guess that would depend on who your partner would be.”

Mister Petrelli, so nice to see you back. Will it be the usual?” The cute blond waitress stood closer to Nathan than Peter, but her bright blue eyes shifted between the two of them.

“I’ll have the regular, yes Jackie. Peter? Do you know what you want?” Nathan arched his eyebrows at his brother before darting to the waitress with his charming smile and a wink.

“Just whatever he’s having, thanks.” Peter managed a bit of a smile and waited until Jackie left before he leaned forward and whispered to him. “Is it worse to get caught getting head from a girl or giving it to a guy?”

For the briefest of moments Nathan wanted to reach across and smack his brother for being a mouthy little shit. Growling in the back of his throat, Nathan reached forward and tightly gripped his brother’s neck. His voice dropped down to a dangerous tone and he practically hissed the words out. “I don’t want you doing either in public. I don’t want you getting caught doing anything in public, Peter. Is that clear?”

Peter’s dark eyes closed when his brother growled at him and he nodded softly. There was no way for him to argue when Nathan was being aggressive with him, and he wouldn’t fight him. “You’re right,” he answered quietly. “I’m sorry.” Once Nathan let go of his neck, Peter slowly sat back in his chair.

“I just want everything to run smoothly until I get into office, Peter. Can you at least give me that?” His features were serious as he watched his brother.

When Peter answered him, his voice was still quiet. “Yeah, of course. I know how much you’ve wanted this.” It was true; Nathan belonged in office, they both knew it.

For a long moment they sat in silence, and he picked up his glass of wine and took a sip before licking over his lips. “It would be worse with the man. Giving or getting.” Nathan finally answered his question and licked over his lips.

Peter let out a soft laugh. “I’ll make sure not to do it in public then...” He smirked then, trying to lighten the mood a bit. “With bread, either.” He smiled and pushed his chair back, hoping and praying that Nathan didn’t catch on to the fact that he was hard. “Hey, I’m gonna go use the restroom really quick, okay?”

Nathan’s eyes took a quick inventory as Peter stood and he did, indeed, catch on to the fact that Peter was hard. “Sure, no problem...” He replied softly, barely abel to answer him at all. His eyes shifted, watching as Peter walked briskly towards the bathrooms. He looked around for a moment, but nobody was really paying him much mind. He quietly slipped from his chair and followed his brother towards the bathroom.

Stepping into the bathroom, he locked the main door and stood quietly, listening to the soft noises coming from one of the stalls. After a look around he realized they were completely alone. He closed his eyes, utterly aware of what his brother was doing in the stall. “Peter...”

Shit!” Peter almost choked the word out, and he quickly fumbled to try to get his pants back up, his hard on shoved back into his boxers almost painfully. “Nate -- Nathan...”

“Peter, it’s just us... Let me in,” Nathan knocked lightly on the stall door and after a brief pause, Peter finally unlocked the door. His eyes were cast towards the floor. When he finally appeared, Nathan reached forward and pulled him out of the stall, pulling him into a tight embrace. His head ducked down, his cheek sliding along his little brother’s.

“I’m sorry, Nathan, I’m --”

Nathan’s mouth covered whatever apology might have tried coming from Peter’s lips. He didn’t want to hear any more apologies. The kiss was just as powerful as Peter had imagined it would be; all-consuming and seemingly never-ending. Their tongues twisted and tangled around each other’s and soft little moans started pressing against Nathan’s mouth.

They moved until Peter’s back was pressed to the wall beside the sinks. Nathan’s hand flicked the button of Peter’s jeans open, tugging them down so his hand could snake inside his boxer shorts. He started stroking Peter’s cock quickly and kept his mouth on his little brother’s.

Peter was moaning, Nathan was growling, and they both knew that the inevitable was about to happen. The air grew thick around them as a bit of precome curled out of the tip of Peter’s cock. “N-Nathan...Oh, fuck...” He panted against his older brother’s mouth, his hips shoving forward sharply into each stroke Nathan gave him.

“I’m going to make you come in your boxers,” Nathan told him between sharp kisses. “And you’re going to sit through lunch... Thinking about how I made you come.” He gasped as Peter whined, his hand twisting around the length of Peter’s cock.

Peter shuddered and arched forward, pressing his forehead to his brother’s shoulder. With a whimpered moan he came, spilling over his brother’s fist and coating the inside of his boxers just as Nathan told him that he would. He moaned his brother’s name out over and over again until his hips finally stopped twitching.

“And after lunch, you’re going to return the favor.”
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