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Title: More Questions Than Answers.
Fandom: Original characters, supernatural setting.
Characters: Dima & Leydon Viktoriya.
Prompt: Leydon/Dima first kiss.
Word Count: 1,608 words.
Rating: M; fighting, blood, incest, kissing.
Author's Notes: These are original characters. Don’t steal them.

Leydon fell to his knees and once his blurred vision cleared, he saw red. His blood was splattered against the old wooden floor. The metallic scent filled his nostrils and turned his stomach.

“Get up.”

He couldn’t move. His muscles ached. That last punch rattled his brain and his lower lip was already busted open and swelling. His thin arms quivered as he tried gripping at the floor.

“Leydon. Get up,” Dima growled out the words from the back of his throat.

Leydon was certain that this was not how other twelve year old boys spent their Saturday afternoons.

His fingers twitched as he pushed against the floor. He long since stopped asking Dima why he was doing this. Dima never answered him. Just kept pouncing him, punching him or throwing him down to the ground until Leydon finally fought back.

So far Dima had managed to only break a few bones.

Their parents never asked why the boys fought so much.

Lesya had stopped asking, too. She merely coddled Leydon and cleaned up his wounds when she could.

Rolling his neck one way and then the other, his neck popped gently before he turned towards Dima again. There were times where Leydon hated his older brother. The fact that he loved him seemed almost wrong in some way.

How could he love someone who abuses him so?

Closing his eyes, Leydon tried to pull himself together. He needed to center himself and focus. He started counting... Odin, dva, tri, chetyri... He slowly ticked the numbers off in his mind, waiting until he got to ten before he opened his eyes again.

“Good,” Dima told him, but the encouragement wasn’t behind the simple word. For a long moment the brothers simply stared at each other. Dima had grown nearly an entire foot over the summer, and Leydon felt smaller than ever.

He couldn’t help wondering if he would ever be able to compare to his brother.

After what felt like a lifetime, Dima slowly started moving forward. The floorboards creaked in certain spots, but Leydon never let his eyes shift from his brother’s face.

He knew better than that by now.

Leydon practically bristled the closer that Dima got to him, and he told himself that this time... This time would be the time that he caught his older brother off-guard. He’d gain the upper hand; he would take Dima down.

As Dima’s hand slowly moved forward, Leydon growled sharply and smacked his hand away. His free hand slammed forward, connecting to his brother’s chest bone and Dima went stumbling back.

There were only a few seconds for Leydon to make his move. He lunged forward, putting all his weight behind his scrawny little body. For once he actually managed to knock Dima down, and his small fists were balls of fury slamming against his older brother’s chest and face.

As he did this, Dima just laid there beneath him, taking the blows and allowing Leydon to get the anger out of his system. Finally he couldn’t take it any more, and his larger hands wrapped around Leydon’s wrists.

Before Leydon could react, his back was slamming to the hardwood floor and the air was shoved out of his lungs. He startled, gasping for air as he glared up at his brother.

“Calm down.” Dima was always calm when they were fighting. It drove Leydon insane.

Leydon didn’t want to be this close to Dima. In fact, he wanted to be as far away from his brother as he could get. “Get off of me, Dima,” Leydon finally growled out.

“Calm down,” Dima told him again, and tightened his grip on his sibling’s wrists.

“Dima,” Leydon spoke in a low tone. “Get. Off. Of. Me.”

Dima didn’t move. “Calm. Down.”

Slowly but surely Leydon’s muscles started to relax. His breathing became normal. He forced his jaw to relax as well, even if he was thinking about head-butting his brother.

“Don’t,” Dima warned and barely narrowed his eyes. Shifting a bit, Dima finally moved slowly off of his brother’s body. He didn’t move far, and as soon as he was settled he drew Leydon in against his sweaty chest.

“What’re you doing?” Leydon started to protest, but the hug was better than a punch to the face.

Dima laughed lightly. “Isn’t it obvious?” He pulled Leydon closer until they were as close as they could get without him tugging Leydon into his lap. That would just cause a mess of problems that Dima wasn’t exactly ready to deal with yet.

Finally wrapping his arms around his brother, Leydon was reluctant to trust him. Closing his eyes, he tried to fight back the questions, but he was a curious boy. “Why do you hate me so much?” His words came out softly and as he went to duck his head down, Dima cupped his cheeks and pulled his head up, forcing Leydon to look at him.

His eyebrows were twisted in, bunching together in between his dark eyes that looked like, had he been any younger he would have been fighting back tears. The corners of his mouth turned down slowly. “Is that what you really think?”

The question threw Leydon off-guard. “What?”

“Do you really think that I hate you?”

Never before had a question made Leydon’s stomach twist into tiny little knots. He was certain that’s what it was -- why else would his brother beat on him constantly? The problem was that Dima’s features were telling him an entirely different story. “Well what am I supposed to think? You’re always beating me up, you --”

“No, I’m always fighting with you,” Dima corrected gently.

Leydon didn’t see the difference.

“When you were younger, I used to beat you up. Eventually, you started fighting back. I’m teaching you, Leydon.” Or at least he was trying to, any way. There were things that they were meant to do. Monsters they were supposed to fight. People they were meant to protect.

“Oh,” Leydon replied softly and nudged a little closer to his brother’s body. He hated to admit it, but he really only ever felt safe when Dima was close. Even with all of the pain that his brother caused him, Leydon still needed him.

He dropped his head to Dima’s shoulder and finally answered his question. “No, I don’t think you hate me.” Not now that he understood the truth.

Dima’s fingers slowly stroked through his little brother’s long dark hair, and for a long moment he simply sat there holding him. Leydon wasn’t old enough to understand the responsibilies. Hell, Dima barely scratched the surface himself, and he was more than willing to put the weight on his own shoulders.

Eventually he cupped Leydon’s cheeks in his palms and lifted his head gently. He smelled of blood and sweat, but beneath those things he was entirely Leydon in nature. Young and still innocent. Dima looked over the marks he left on Leydon this time; his right eye was starting to swell shut with blood. His fuller lower lip was split crookedly, the slice in the skin looking almost like it was drawn on.

Despite the fact that Leydon was covered in bruises and had spent a better part of the day getting beat on, Dima still had the strongest urge to kiss him. His tongue peeked out to wet down his lips as he gently started to pull Leydon closer.

“Dima, what --”

Dima didn’t want to answer any more questions. He could barely think; had he been able to think, he would have stopped himself.


There was a gentle brushing of their lips, but Leydon didn’t try to pull back until Dima’s mouth touched the open wound. He flinched, but his clear blue eyes went a bit wider when Dima pulled him closer still.

It took him a moment or two, but it finally hit him -- Dima was his first real kiss. That sent both thrills and chills shooting through his body. He finally closed his eyes, a soft noise of pleasure hummed from the back of his throat while leaning in closer to wrap his arms around Dima again.

Without thinking about it, Dima’s tongue slid out to brush across the crease of his little brother’s lips. Tilting his head slightly, he had to bite back a groan when Leydon’s angelic lips parted to accept the wet flesh offered.

The kiss slowly grew deeper but Leydon wanted more. He pressed closer, desperate to have more. He just wanted more of Dima -- more physical contact that wasn’t hurting him, but instead it was making him feel light-headed in a nearly breathless way. It wasn’t until he started to climb onto Dima’s lap that the kiss was suddenly broken.

Dima was on his feet before Leydon could even open his eyes. “I --” There was something in Dima’s eyes that Leydon didn’t recognize in those moments. It was almost as if he was confused, but...There was something else there, too. “Go find Lesya. She’ll tend to your wounds,” Dima muttered quietly before he turned and stormed out of the room.

Leydon blinked slowly and rolled back to sit on his bottom. Pulling his legs up to his chest, his wiry arms wrapped around his knees as he stared after his brother. He was still utterly confused. He didn’t know why Dima was fighting with him, but he understood the fact that Dima did, indeed, love him.

Even more than Leydon probably understood.


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