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Title: I Was Always Your Protector.
Fandom: Heroes.
Characters: Nathan & Peter Petrelli. Cameo by Angela Petrelli.
Prompt: Wee!Peter: Sick and decides he doesn't want Ma but Nathan instead to make him feel better. No sex, obv.
Word Count: 722 words.
Rating: PC
Summary: The boys are young and Peter is sick. He wants nothing to do with Angela, and only calms down once Nathan comes to take care of him.
Author's Notes: This is so sweet it made my teeth hurt to write it.

“But Mo-o-o-om...” Peter whined then sniffled, coughed and flopped back to his bed. “I want him,” he added a moment later, in case his mother had forgotten in the past five seconds that had passed since Peter had said his brother’s name. “I. Want. Nathan!”

Angela could feel the headache throbbing at both temples at once. Nathan had never been this difficult. When he was sick, he wanted to be left alone. She would check on him randomly throughout the day and then suddenly he was better. “He’s at school, Peter. Don’t you want your brother to get smart so he can grow up to be a responsible man?”

“No!” Peter shrieked and flopped, coughing again. “I want Nathan!” He somehow managed to wiggle away whenever Angela went to reach for him, to comfort him.

To put things bluntly, Peter was being a little shithead, and Angela was at her wit’s end. Glancing at her watch, she almost let out a happy sigh at the fact that Nathan would be home any minute. Hopefully she could actually get him to take care of Peter so she could find some headache medicine.

“Nathan’s already smart! I want him here!”

“Yes, Peter, I’m aware of that... In fact, I’m pretty sure the neighbors are all aware of that, too.”

“What’s his problem?” Nathan peeked his head into his little brother’s room, and if Angela didn’t know better she would have sworn that she heard a choir of angels singing.

“Your broth--”

Nathan!” Peter sniffled and before Angela could even attempt to stop him, Peter jumped over her and went flying for the doorway, flinging himself at his brother. Instantly his arms went around his waist and his face planted firmly into his stomach.

Nathan’s arms went protectively around his little brother before his eyebrows twisted together as he looked up at their mother. “He’s burning up.” His tone was bordering on accusation as he bent down and picked his little brother up.

Instantly Peter’s little arms wrapped around Nathan’s neck and he held on for dear life. His head lulled and fell to the side of Nathan’s neck. He was still breathing through his mouth, but he was content now that Nathan had come home.

“I’m fully aware that your brother has a fever. He wouldn’t let me take care of him.” Angela explained as she moved to re-make Peter’s bed. “He only wanted you,” she added a moment later, and finally turned to look at her sons.

A soft smile came to Nathan’s mouth and he held Peter a little closer. “I’ve got this,” Nathan finally responded, and stepped around his mother. He was entirely too focused on Peter to notice that Angela slipped out of the room.

As soon as he went to put Peter down on the bed, Peter whined. “No-o-o-o, Na-tha-a-a-an!” He whimpered and clutched at his brother’s shirt and neck as best he could, his small body at an odd angle as his feet dangled down, wanting to kick but not wanting to kick his brother.

“Peter,” Nathan laughed at his brother’s antics, and became a little more forceful with his little brother. “I’ll lay down with you, but you have to let go of me.”

Peter wiggled around for a moment, but eventually he let go of Nathan’s neck. He stared up at his brother, knowing that Nathan wasn’t trying to trick him just to get him to lay down.

Just as he said he would, Nathan laid down on the outside of the bed. He pulled Peter closer, but it didn’t matter what he did. Peter climbed on top of him and settled on his chest. “Can’t breathe out my nose, Nate,” Peter told him, complete with his vowels rolling about a bit.

“Just don’t drool on me,” Nathan said with a soft chuckle. His hands slowly started rubbing up and down his little brother’s back in hopes of soothing his aches. It wasn’t long before the Petrelli brothers were fast asleep, completely unaware that their parents stood at Peter’s bedroom doorway, watching them in silence.
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