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Title: Aftermath.
Fandom: Heroes.
Characters: Nathan & Peter Petrelli.
Prompt: A short one on Peter getting caught after that conversation -- giving a blowjob to another man and Nathan's reaction to the whole thing.
Word Count: 739 words.
Rating: M; spanking
Summary: Peter disobeys Nathan (after "Bread"), and Nathan takes things into his own hands.
Author's Notes: None.

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Title: I Was Always Your Protector.
Fandom: Heroes.
Characters: Nathan & Peter Petrelli. Cameo by Angela Petrelli.
Prompt: Wee!Peter: Sick and decides he doesn't want Ma but Nathan instead to make him feel better. No sex, obv.
Word Count: 722 words.
Rating: PC
Summary: The boys are young and Peter is sick. He wants nothing to do with Angela, and only calms down once Nathan comes to take care of him.
Author's Notes: This is so sweet it made my teeth hurt to write it.

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Title: There's a First Time for Everything.
Fandom: Heroes.
Characters: Claire Bennett & Simon Petrelli.
Prompt: Claire/Simon: First time anal sex. Dirty, fluffy, any way the muse bites..
Word Count: 3,203 words.
Rating: M; smut, anal sex.
Summary: Simon talks Claire into trying anal sex for the first time.
Author's Notes: This is from an alternative universe, with the setting being Atia.

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Title: Bread.
Fandom: Heroes.
Characters: Nathan & Peter Petrelli.
Prompt: Nathan/Peter: Obviously a deviation from our canon but... the conversation in the car, when Nathan got him out of jail for fucking the loaf of bread..
Word Count: 2,062
Rating: M; bro!slash, masturbation, hand job and talks of blow jobs.
Summary: Nathan retrieves Peter from the police station, where he’s been arrested for public indecency.
Author's Notes: This is obviously AU. And yes, the idea of the bread deal did come from Dirty Deeds.
Aftermath is the follow-up to this story.

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Title: Showing Him the Ropes.
Fandom: Heroes.
Characters: Nathan & Peter Petrelli (prior to the show's beginning).
Prompt: Virginal or almost virginal Peter. Maybe he flirts a lot, maybe he dates a lot without ever giving up the goods, doesn't matter, he just doesn't have a lot (or any) experience. Eventually Nathan gets his hands on his little brother and shows him all that he's been missing.
Word Count: 2,878
Rating: M; gay relationship, incest
Summary: Nathan watches Peter at the club and decides to take him back to the hotel to show him what being a Petrelli is really about.
Author's Notes: This prompt was one given to me at the Anonymous Heroes Kink Meme. Enjoy.

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Title: Deception.
Fandom: Heroes.
Characters: Sylar & Molly Walker (18 years old).
Prompt: 18YO-Molly/Sylar.
Word Count: 1,201 words.
Rating: M; sexual situations.
Summary: Sylar is caught and Molly finally has a chance for revenge.
Author's Notes: This was written for the Yet Another Heroes Anonymous Kink Meme.

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