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Title: There's a First Time for Everything.
Fandom: Heroes.
Characters: Claire Bennett & Simon Petrelli.
Prompt: Claire/Simon: First time anal sex. Dirty, fluffy, any way the muse bites..
Word Count: 3,203 words.
Rating: M; smut, anal sex.
Summary: Simon talks Claire into trying anal sex for the first time.
Author's Notes: This is from an alternative universe, with the setting being Atia.

Clear, wide blue eyes stared unblinking from across the table, and for a long moment Claire was utterly speechless. It wasn’t terribly unusual, to tell the truth. With Simon as her boyfriend one or the other of them was drawn speechless nearly every other day.


“You can’t be serious, Simon...” Claire’s cheeks flushed a brilliant shade of cherry red, as it did whenever he brought up something that made her uncomfortable. Her nose curled slightly before she dropped her eyes to their dining room table.

There was a long pause before Simon finally let out a soft laugh. “No, no... Of course I’m not serious.” Licking over his lips, he poked at his dinner a bit, peeking at his young girlfriend. “Unless, you know... You wanted --”

Claire shot a look at him, her eyebrows darting up quickly. He had shown her so much already, and now there was this. “Well, do you want to? I mean, is it... Is it important to you?” She asked nervously in her soft tone.

Simon reached out for her and curled his hand at her elbow, gently pulling her closer until he could pull her down into his lap. For a long moment they simply stared at each other; Simon was weighing his decision while Claire was searching his eyes for an answer. It was something that had become somewhat normal between them -- having entire conversations without saying a word out loud.

“No,” he finally answered while cupping her cheek to pull her in for a soft, chaste kiss. “It isn’t important to me.” He smiled softly, but it didn’t reach his eyes, and Claire instantly knew that he wasn’t telling her the truth.


They didn’t bring it up again, and since there were nights where Claire was home long before Simon was, and so she had started doing some research. She wanted to know what she was getting into before she gave Simon what he wanted. In the end, she would always give Simon whatever he wanted, so long as it was reasonable and she could give it to him.

While she wasn’t sure at first, anal sex was something she could definitely give to him.

“Where’s my baby girl at?” Simon called from the front of the apartment, and just hearing his voice sent nerves shooting through her body.

A few seconds later she stood at their bedroom door, wearing her short deep maroon silk robe. “Hey, honey,” she answered with a gentle smile as she walked across the room to him. “How was your day?” She leaned up to give him a soft kiss before soft giggles erupted from her when he picked her up and spun her around.

“Good, and yours?” Simon could feel that she was wearing something underneath the robe, and it set his mouth watering. He tried to keep from shredding the robe off of her and taking her against the wall, even though that wouldn’t have been the first time he did such a thing.

Sliding her fingers through his hair, Claire smiled up at him. “It was good, and ... I have a surprise for you. A really, really good one.” She smiled brightly up at him, tugging him gently back towards the bedroom.

“Oh?” Simon’s eyebrows arched slightly, and there was a slight smirk that came to his mouth as he chuckled. “Is it a fish?” He looked over her again, enjoying the way her muscular legs tightened and relaxed with each step she took. “Maybe a kitten? No, no... A puppy?” His eyes were dancing as he lifted them again, smiling at his girlfriend.

Claire shook her head and giggled softly again. “Meow?” She paused at their bedroom door and pulled him in close, her head tilted all the way back since he was so much taller than her. “Close your eyes and I’ll guide you inside, honey.”

Simon’s grin turned into a sensual smile -- it was a sight that Claire would never get sick of. “Are you sure I can’t lead myself inside by touch?”

For a moment Claire just watched him, amazed that out of all the boyfriends that she’s had, she ended up with him. “I’m sure you could,” she replied softly as she slid his hands on her hips and started walking backwards towards their bed.

Scented candles were burning and she shifted his hands on to one of their bed posts before she slipped away. “Keep your eyes closed,” she warned as she slipped out of her robe and climbed up on to the bed. She bought special lingerie just for this night -- she wanted it to be burnt in both their memories.

Posing like a perfect centerfold model, Claire took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Okay, you can open your eyes, Simon.”

Simon’s dark eyes opened slowly and he couldn’t stop the smile from coming. “I don’t know... Now I’m rather tempted to lead myself in by touch...” He arched his eyebrows as he started stripping, but his eyes never left her perfect body. She was everything he wanted, everything he needed, and he loved it when she surprised him like this. Completely out of the blue doing something utterly romantic.

Sitting up slightly, Claire’s legs slid together slowly as she licked over her lips. “I think you should... Just to make sure you don’t forget the way.” She caught the corner of her lower lip between her teeth. She motioned with just one finger for him to come to her, and couldn’t help smiling when he groaned lightly.

After he had stripped down completely, Simon crawled onto the bed and gently pulled her legs apart. Closing his eyes, he started to move up her body by touch alone. “I don’t think I could ever forget this way,” he offered in a hushed tone.

Goose bumps washed over her skin as she laid back against the pillows, watching him as his lips and fingertips slid over her tanned skin. “I love watching you strip down,” she admitted softly. “I almost came home at lunch to see if you were here... I wanted you again...”

“I was at my workshop, painting,” he murmured against her thigh, grinning and nuzzling the flesh gently.

“I ended up staying at work, but I’ve been thinking about this all damn day,” she admitted with a soft sigh. Cupping the back of his head, she spread her legs a bit further for him.

He lightly kissed her inner thigh, his breath washing out against her skin. “You’re beautiful, you know?” He told her softly. “Sometimes I almost wish I was a photographer but I rather like the materials that I get to use instead.”

Whenever he complimented her like that, Claire had to smile brightly. Her thighs relaxed under his mouth as she gently slid her fingers through his hair again. “You make me feel beautiful, and I like what you with, especially when you’re drawing me.” Tilting her head slightly, she was still smiling gently. “It’s more intimate than photography is.”

His fingertips traced over her hipbones and the slight arch of her pelvic bone. “I definitely want to draw you like this... But then only I’d ever see it.”

The thought of Simon drawing her in her lingerie shot thrills through her body. He slowly began pulling her panties down over the swell of her hips and she easily lifted her ass away from the bed to help him. “That’s fine,” she replied with a bit of a smile.

Once he finally got her panties off and tossed them to the floor, Simon slid between her legs and settled again. Claire bit down on her lower lip, her eyes watching him as he slowly looked over her slightly damp sex. A breath caught in the back of her throat when he suddenly froze, his eyes drawn further down.

“Claire?” He breathed her name out softly as his fingers trailed down her inner thigh.

“I wanted to be ready for you when you got home,” she answered his unasked question.

His gentle fingertips brushed over the clear bottom of the butt plug that she had inserted in herself, and Claire let out a slight moan. With no further warning, Simon’s mouth captured her sex, sucking on her outer lips before his tongue dove into her.

Her hips lifted from the bed as she cried out, but Simon wanted her squirming. His tongue lapped at her, showing his obvious approval of his surprise. He never thought Claire would go for it, but she had surprised him a few times since they had started dating -- and this was certainly the best surprise by far.

“Si -- Simon!” She cried his name out and practically clawed at the back of his head. Her hips bucked in perfect time with his tongue, her breath heaving out of her body as she rocked eagerly into each stroke.

Then his mouth was gone, the cold air shooting straight to her burning sex.

“Simon?” She panted and rolled her eyes open, utterly confused on why he would stop.

Licking her musk off of his lips, Simon reached up to wipe his hand across the slick juices that had gathered on his facial hair. “Let’s move in front of the mirror,” he murmured as he reached for her hand. “I don’t want you to come yet... Not until I’m inside you.”

The closer Claire got to him the more she could smell the sweat filling the air, and once they were both on their knees, she could smell herself on his mouth. He moved to kiss her and she flinched; she always flinched when he kissed her after his head had been buried between her legs. He persisted, though, and soon enough she got over it and kissed him back.

His hands slid from her outer thighs along her curves, trailing slowly along the arch of her lower back. He was trying to go slow. He was trying to be gentle with her, even though they both knew she could take whatever he did to her. At the same time his body was practically shaking with desire.

She didn’t know how bad Simon wanted this.

“Trust me,” Simon whispered against her mouth, his fingers brushing gently over the flanged end of the plug. Sitting back on the bed, he pulled her down over his body and kissed her gently. It worked out well since she was so much shorter than him.

Cradling her to his chest, his fingers gripped the base of the plug and slowly twisted the toy around in her. Almost instantly her hips pushed and rolled, a soft whimpered moan shifting out of her mouth. “I do... I do trust you,” she answered him finally, breathlessly.

Simon watched his girlfriend’s face, her sweet, young features twisted in pleasure. She was constantly blowing him away; he was completely in awe of her as he felt her body rubbing against his. Her lower lip quivered and he leaned up, capturing it between his teeth to gently tug on the skin.

His hand reached up and stilled her hips, but he knew she couldn’t sit still much longer. Gently tugging on the base, Claire shook her head. “Si... Simon, please...” She gripped his arm to stop him and he stilled.

“Are you all right?” Concern washed over his features while he studied hers, but she smiled slowly and surprised him yet again.

“I want to turn around,” she answered him. She bent forward and kissed him softly before shifting around on top of him. Her mouth brushed lightly over his curved cock, and Simon had to force himself to keep his hips where they were.

This was perfect, though. He could see the plug holding her open, her asshole formed perfectly around the base. “I’m going to pull it out,” he warned her. He liked surprising her, but not during sex. “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she breathed her answer out against his cock. Her tongue peeked out from between her lips, taking a slow lick down the back of his cock. She was pleased when his hips arched and canted, but she wanted more.

Wrapping her hand around his cock, her thumb pushing into the slit as her fingers brushed up and down the back of his cock slowly. She could hear him gasping softly, his hot breath washing out against her thigh.

Simon reached for the base again, gently tugging at it until he could see her asshole shifting over the fat bottom of the toy. Claire’s hand tightened on his cock almost too tightly as he stretched her around the biggest part of the toy. It was the hottest thing he’d ever been a part of in his entire life.

“So beautiful,” he told her again as he pushed the toy back into her body. He fucked her gently with it, his pulse kicking roughly in his veins. It was incredibly sexy, having her completely spread for him and more than willing to let him fuck her with the toy... Especially considering the fact that he never thought that she would let him do such a thing.

He was the one who made her feel beautiful; made her feel like she was actually worth something beyond being “Petrelli’s daughter” or a science experiment gone wrong. Without thinking about it, Claire’s head dropped down so that she could wrap her mouth around one of his balls. She took it into her mouth and gently sucked it, using her lips to massage his sack.

Simon’s fingers quivered and he shoved the toy inside her, moaning against her leg. He pushed two fingers inside her, working them at the opposite time of the toy. His eyes were drawn only to her asshole, and from the moans that she made he knew that she was enjoying it. He wanted her to enjoy it, especially since it was something that he wanted to continue doing with her.

“Claire... Claire, st -- stop, please...” He begged softly, hardly able to believe that he was actually telling her to stop. If she didn’t, though, he’d never last.

Lifting her head, Claire took a deep breath and licked over her lips. “Are you... Are you ready?” Her voice was almost too soft and it didn’t quite match the desire that was making her body ache.

“Yes, God yes,” he answered quickly. Claire moved forward, crawling down the bed to give him room to move. They finally settled, Claire on her back and Simon on top of her. “Did you buy any lubricant or anything?”

Claire smiled brightly at that and spread her legs further for him. “Under the pillow. I knew you wouldn’t want to go searching for it.”

He instantly reached for the bottle and glanced down at it, still in slight awe that any of this was actually happening. “Somebody pinch me,” he murmured as he coated his hand.

She pushed some of her hair from her face and watched him as he stroked over his length. There wasn’t anything more seductive than watching him stroking his cock. Ever since their first time together, Claire knew that she didn’t want anyone but Simon.

He gently pulled the plug out, his tongue slicking over his lips as Claire tilted her hips and pushed up, trying to fuck herself back onto the plug. Simon couldn’t help chuckling softly at that sight, and Claire’s cheeks flushed a soft pink color. “It feels really good,” she tried to explain.

Simon shook his head and shuffled forward on his knees. Now that it was actually going to happen, he was insanely nervous about it. He focused intently on what he was doing, his eyes drawn to the tip of his dick. He knew he had to be careful at first. He didn’t want to hurt her, after all. “Just wait.” The words came out as a smokey promise, and Simon forced his eyes to stay open and he suddenly wished that he had a second set so he could watch himself entering her and her features at the same time.

At first he took her slowly, nudging forward only a bit at a time so that he wouldn’t cause her any pain. Sex was supposed to be enjoyable, and while there were some pains that were fine (or even welcome), their first time trying anal wasn’t one of those times.

Even with having had the butt plug pushed inside her for god only knows how long, it was still a long time before her muscles relaxed enough around him that he could start fucking her. His hands gripped the backs of her thighs, holding her legs apart so that she’d be even tighter around him.

“Fuck, Claire,” he grunted her name out once he started picking up the pace. He still wasn’t going terribly fast, though. Reaching forward, he slid his fingers against her sex, delicately touching her outer lips.

Claire’s hungry gaze opened to look up at him, her hips shifting in perfect time to take him in as deeply as she could. She lifted her leg and Simon guided it up so that her heel was pressed to his shoulder.

They moaned in unison at the new angle, and Simon couldn’t hold back any more. He pushed two fingers into her, his palm tilted to rub against her clit.

Claire arched and gave a slight cry; it was more painful than she thought it would be. It didn’t help when Simon started thrusting almost wildly into her. Her hands fisted in their sheets, but it got to the point where his fingers pumping in and out of her drew her attention away from the pain.

His name caught in the back of her throat as she cried out sharply, her hips completely freezing as her orgasm hit her. There was no warning, no announcement; simply the moans rolling out of her body sharply.

Simon’s eyes flung open, watching through slitted lids as his girlfriend came over his fingers. When she froze, every muscle seemed to tighten. He hunched forward, gasping and groaning deeply. It felt like his cock was going to pop off.

He couldn’t move until she calmed down enough that her muscles weren’t working against him.

Rolling up a bit, he pressed his free hand against the bed and slowly started working in and out of her again. Their bodies rocked together until Simon’s back arched and his head pushed back. His moan echoed off the walls until he was left panting and shuddering slightly.

Part of him wanted to stay in her, but he knew that wasn’t at all possible. Pulling out slowly, they both groaned together as Simon stretched out on the bed beside Claire. He pulled her close and Claire easily nuzzled in against him.

“God, Simon,” she murmured and threw her arm over his chest.

Simon kissed her temple before she leaned up for a real kiss. “I love you, Claire,” he murmured softly.

Claire grinned slightly and pressed her face against his neck. “Love you too, Simon.”

Date: 2009-03-22 08:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pupnamedpeter.livejournal.com
We've already covered the fact that I'm not a big Claire fan, but this was still really good :) The ending is cute :D

Date: 2009-03-22 08:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dragon-lord.livejournal.com

Simon can love Claire and Claire can love Simon, but I get to love this!


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